Great Source of Information About Hard Drive & Tape Shredding Vol. 9

Want to Destroy Hard Drive and Other Storage Media Devices?

1. How to destroy a hard drive in five seconds

You are on a U.S. military aircraft, transporting hard drives with important, classified information when you collide with another plane and are forced to land near an enemy intelligence agency. There is no time to delete the files, and the drives are in heavy-duty steel cases so that they are difficult to destroy hard drive. You have a few minutes before someone finds you, grabs the drives, and searches them for even the smallest trace of useful data. What would you do?


2. The Best Ways to Destroy Magnetic Tapes

Destroy hard drive media tapesMagnetic tapes often contain confidential information. Audio, video and data stored on tape expose users to security risks if the tapes are not properly destroyed at the end of their usefulness. In order to avoid compromising or confidential information leaks, magnetic tapes must be rendered useless. Several methods exist to render magnetic tapes safe from data theft.

3. 3 Ways to Destroy Your Data

At some point, all data must be destroyed. If you’re replacing outdated computers, servers, or storage media, like tapes, then you need to purge all the business data that currently exists on those devices. Also, there’s some data you need to wipe after a certain period of time so your company remains compliant with federal privacy legislation. When you want to destroy data, you need to go beyond simply dragging a folder on your desktop to the trash can.