Great Source of Information About Onsite Paper Shredding Vol.9

1. Important Differences in Shredding Services

Onsite Paper ShreddingIdentity theft, fraud, lost confidential information, and liability costs have lead to more secure onsite paper shredding Services at some companies, but there are important differences that businesses have to be aware of before selecting a company to handle the shredding of documents.


2. Confidential Paper Shredding Tips for Businesses

Onsite Paper ShreddingConfidential paper shredding is more important than ever in light of court rulings that have determined that once trash is put out in a public place for disposal, materials within that trash cannot be expected to remain private. In a business setting, this could mean compromised trade secrets and breaches of confidential client information, resulting in irreparable damage to the business’s reputation.


3. Paper Shredder Safety

Consumer model paper shredders are growing in popularity. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants you and your family to be safe if you have a paper shredder. From January 2000 through September 2005, CPSC received 50 reports of incidents involving finger amputations, lacerations, and other finger injuries from paper shredders. The majority of injuries were too young children under age 5.