Great Source of Information About Hard Drive & Tape Shredding Vol.10

1. Hard Drive Shredding Truck now in South Africa

Hard drive shredding is important all over the world. but for RMS Shredding, we provide a hard drive and tape shredding service shred up 600 hard drives an hour. Which physically destroys medium into particle sizes less than a quarter.  The destroyed drives are then recycled which consists of melting down the material back its original alloys.

2. How to Securely Delete Data from Hard Drives

hard drives shreddingWhat happens to the confidential data on hard drives and other storage media in your organization when you replace them? It’s a vital question to ask – because unless the data is completely erased, there’s a good chance that it could come back to haunt you. As a quick Google search will confirm, there’s no shortage of stories of valuable data found on hard drives bought second-hand or salvaged from the garbage.


3. What Are the Advantages of Hard Drive Shredding?

hard drives shreddingWhen deciding to do hard drive shredding you need to be careful about the kind of software you use to complete this task. If you chose file shredding it will let you choose the file that you want to be removed and will only remove that particular file but nothing has been permanently removed and the file can be recovered. With hard drives shredding or data destruction, it is the only way to remove completely any remnant data on a disk by using methods to get the remaining data and making it unrecoverable by anyone else.