Great Source of Information About On-site Shredding Vol.7

1. The value of confidential document destruction

document shreddingUnshredded paper documents left outside for collection by the dustbin men  after mobile data shredding, for example, can be pilfered for identity theft, corporate fraud, and industrial espionage purposes. Business plans and forecasts, R&D research, customer lists, sales analysis, security guard patrol times and rotas are all of interest to competitors, journalists, and thieves of various descriptions.


2. Knowing When to Shred

Image result for people thinkingAccording to Cabinet NG, a document management and workflow solutions provider, first you should separate documents into three categories: originals that must be kept for legal reasons; paper you want for some reason but are not legally required to hold onto. Paper that no one can ever possibly find a reason to ever to view again. Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules that can conveniently answer that question for all businesses. Every company must develop its own shredding policy. But there is a way to make sure that policy is appropriate and comprehensive.

3. How Your Business Could Benefit from Mobile Shredding Services

mobile data shredding servicesThere are a wide variety of mobile document shredding services available to consider, and with the efficient destruction of data in a timely fashion, your company will be in accordance with privacy legislation and your client information stays safe. Sensitive data could include letterheads, invoices, tax forms, contracts and bank statements. Hard copies of data, published by hospitals and law firms. For instance, deal with confidential data on a daily basis and to avoid fraudulent use. They must make sure to destroy this data in the right way.