Great Source of Information About On-site Shredding Vol.6

1. How and Why to Create Data Destruction Policies

data destruction policyAfter your review of the applicable laws, rules, and regulations, you need to add steps to your data destruction policy. Your data destruction policy needs to address how to classify and handle each type of data residing on your media. Your policy needs a process for the review and categorization of the types of data your company has and what kinds can be removed. Educate, Verify and Follow Up


2. Information Destruction Requirements and Techniques

data destruction techniquesIt is clear that document destruction in today’s world must be part of a good system of business processes. But the bottom line is that if your organization is not careful about what they don’t dispose of, it could become your competitors’ good fortune and your worst corporate nightmare.


3. Need for Security Makes Shredding Booming Business

paper shreddingAs computers produce greater volumes of paper and storage space becomes more expensive, businesses are destroying more documents than ever. Let’s take a look back in time. After 28 years, shredding docs and data have not change.