Great Source of Information About Recurring Shredding Vol.6

1. Here Are 6 Pieces of Paper You Should Always Shred

paper shredding servicesWe all know that important documents need to be shredded, but many of us get lazy. We figure, ‘oh, it doesn’t really matter.’ It’s the old ‘it’ll never happen to me’ mentality. Conversely, many think otherwise: let’s shred everything. You can never be too safe, right? So which documents do you really need to shred, and why?



2. Piecing Together The Process Of Shredding Documents

Document Shredding What is the difference between compacting and shredding as it relates to sensitive documents? Can a compacted document be somehow un-compacted and deciphered? Can a shredded document ever be put back together again?. compacting takes paper and squeezes it under tremendous pressure into large bricks, which are then baled and ready to be hauled. Compacting is generally an adjunct, rather than an alternative, to shredding.


3. 7 Benefits Of Mobile Document Shredding Services

mobile document shredding servicesMobile document shredding service companies come to the physical location of your business and take care document disposal for you. These services typically use a medium size truck with the shredding device built into the back of the vehicle. This is so the shredder can go to the company location and shred all the documents on site before taking the particles to the dumping area for final disposal.