Periodic Purges Promote Procedural Prioritization Practices

We are drowning in a sea of paper … much of it is unnecessary, unneeded, out dated, end-of-cycle clutter that complicates our lives and interferes with smoother, more efficient movement in our business and personal activities. Take a look around your environment. Do you see any of the
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Increased Focus on Electronic Data Breaches: Should we be more Comfortable with Paper?

The news seems to be awash these days with several high profile data breaches, the most prominent of which involved South Carolina’s Department of Revenue compromising the social security numbers of over 3.6 million tax payers just over three weeks ago.  That particular incident invol
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E-Recycling and Hard Drive Destruction for Healthy Planet

Beyond the security of your information it pays to think about where your used electronics end up after you’ve disposed of them.  E-waste represents 70% of all toxic waste in landfills.  Unfortunately, a large amount of used computer equipment and mobile devices continue to be d
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