Great Source of Information About On-site Shredding Vol. 4

1. Know the facts about paper shredding When it comes to cutting identity theft and protecting your sensitive information, it pays to know the facts. There are many common myths regarding paper shredding and media destruction.     2. What to do When Your Identity is Stolen?
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Great Source of Information About Hard Drive & Tape Shredding Vol.3

1. How can you SECURELY Erase a Hard Drive? Whether you’re selling your computer or giving it away or throwing it away, you need to make sure your hard drive data is securely erased. 2. DoD News: Destroying old hard drives and security tips. Protecting your electronic assets is
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RMS Shredding at South Berkeley Recycling Center for a Shred day

Ever wonder what to do with those old cancelled checks? Or, how to dispose of those piles of papers with social security numbers? On Saturday, October 12th, Record Management Solutions (RMS Shredding) and the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority (BCSWA) will conduct another paper shr
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Sensitive Document Shredding Event to be held at GVRC!

On Saturday, June 22nd, Record Management Solutions (RMS) and the Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority (BCSWA) will conduct another document shredding event. This event is will occur at the Grapevine Road Recycling Center from the hours of 9 am to 12 noon. Each Berkeley County reside
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Looking back over 2012’s Data Breaches and Learning how to Protect your Data

2012 may best be characterized as the “year of the data breach.”  While it’s difficult to categorize if it is the worst year on record, there were certainly some egregious instances concerning the mishandling and improper protection of corporate data and information.  A few of the wor
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