Maryland State Statute Governing the Protection of Personal Information

PIPA Identity Theft ProtectionHave you ever read news articles in the newspaper reporting some sort of security breach in a company or government agency involving lost or mismanaged paper files or computer backup media?

In every state of the country these types of mishandled secure personal, financial, medical or corporate data occurs daily. Sometimes the local news media hears of it, sometimes it does not. Sometimes the authorities discover a security breach; when that happens things can get publicly messy and expensive.

Federal and State Governments are very serious when it comes to protecting citizens’ rights, including rights for privacy. Identity theft is just one example.

You can go to the Legislative Compliance section on our website to read more about privacy laws, including FACTA, GLB and HIPAA.

If you are a resident of Maryland or operate a business in Maryland, you may be interested in PIPA, the Personal Information Protection Act.

Within PIPA there are quite a few mandates including requirements for notification to officials as well as those consumers who may have been harmed. In addition, the business with the security breach must conduct an investigation to determine the fallout of the offense. Naturally, all of that can get pretty costly, as lawyers, investigators, police and the OAG all get involved. Once the newspapers, TV and radio stations catch wind of these incidents, a much higher cost is paid; that is consumer confidence in that company, including its procedures and reliability when dealing with the public’s most private information.

Here is a link to Maryland’s PIPA Guidelines:

You may find it interesting that, in addition to paper files, computer tape, CD’s, VHS tape, flash drives, hard drives, etc. there is another ordinary device that holds a lot of data. Digital Copiers Could Be An Identity Theft Threat as well. Many mid-size to large copiers manufactured since 2005 include hard drives, that contain images of any document that has been scanned or copied.

The data held on the digital copier hard drives is held to the same standards as other types of media and governed by PIPA as well.

For more details see:

How does this involve Mobile Data Shredding?

As part of the PIPA guidelines, an additional practice is mandated:

“When a business is destroying records that contain personal information, it must take reasonable steps to protect against unauthorized access to or use of the personal information. A business that owns or licenses personal information must implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to nature of the personal information and nature and size of business.”

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